Yassica Islands

The islands called Yassica Adalari which arouse interest because of their mysterious appearance and are favored by excursion boats and yachts, make up a group of five islands. In the south of Yassica Adalari there is an island called the Island of Haci Halil and a small island called Seytanli Ada (island where the Devil lives). The ruined remains that lie under the sea make it clear that these two islands were connected to each other by means of a bridge in the past. Therefore, passing between these two islands is impossible. The island that was given to a person named Haci Halil during the exchange of populations in 1923, in return for his land estate in Greece is therefore called by his name today. Olive oil is produced on the island today as in the past, and it is also called Zeytinli Ada (Olive Island). These two islands form a graceful triangle with the above mentioned Yassica Adalari. To drop anchor and stay in the small inlets formed by the small windings of Yassica Adalari, is an opportunity to live in the midst of these incredible beauties. The boats that start from Fethiye for daily excursions leave their passengers on the wide beach in this sea of islands. It is a happy feeling, unattainable by many people, to have a drink in the evening watching the sea that turns to navy blue after sunset, in these islands where the pine trees add a different color. Owing to the fact that two vessels stranded among the rocks in the west of the Yassicalar, a buoy has been tied here in order to mark this dangerous zone. Therefore the sailboats have to pass near Yassicalar and Boynuz Buku when they are sailing towards Gocek.