A walk to Valleys

We arrive to the ancient city centrum if we keep wallking inside the village after we have visited Cavusin Church. Let's take the path here.

The basin nearby Cavusin, overlaps with another basin 1 km away from the village. The valleys of those basins are called Gulludere and Kizilcukur. Aktepe looks above them. The recently uninhabitated village is on the left. There we can see St. Jean Baptiste Church. The path on the right leads us up to Zindanonu Stream. There, the first valley is Calidere. If we can take a 3,5 hours walk, let’s reach Gulludere from the shortest way nearby the cemetary. Let’s walk through the wine yards among the fruitful trees and listen to the birds singing. Gulludere is a green valley on both sides of which there stand toff rocks. There’re 12 churches in Gulludere and Kizilcukur Valleys. Hacli Church stands where the basin gets narrower down the hill. In the church we can see the large, carved cross on the ceiling and the fresques dates 9th century on the apsis.

We reach to “Ayvali Church” following the basin up to the end of the valley. The church has 2 apsis and is decorated with depictions out of the Bible. Here village people may serve some cold beverages or a cup of hot coffee or tea. There’re underground tunnels in the church. If you hire a guide in the village, you can find the churches and sight-seeing spots rather easily. While we were having that trip, Prince Charles of Whales was here to see and paint beauty of the landscape.

If you wish, you may have your Gulludere and Kizilcukur trip without a guide. You can walk ahead and feel at home. The village people working on the fields around, are like the silent figures eternally painted in that landscape. Climbing the hills that join two valleys, we arrive Kizilcukur Valley. Let’s keep our way after having a rest on the hill nearby the Hacli Church. The soft toff rocks with various eroded forms and the sparrow nests carved in them complete the scenery with the green fields. Following the valley in which there’re lots of chapels, we reach Sutunlu Church on the way down.

On the second floor of the rocks, there’re four columns in the middle and rectangular columns in the Walls. There’re three red stripes around the columns. On the both sides of the church, the natural columns attract attention. The third section of the church serves as a cemetary. The outlook of the church is very modest whereas the indoors are magnificient. The bottom floor is used as a sparrow plant.

Let’s walk down nearby a turtle shaped chapel. Down in the wood, we will reach a cold, fresh spring water. Although the water is said to be potable by the village people, we recommend you to get fresh with it rather than drinking.

A few steps away, there stands St. Jhakiman Chapel, in which there are depictions out of the Bible. The valley under the shadow of Willow, puplar, oleaster and apricot trees, leads us to a narrow path. That way ends in Zindanonu Stream, on the east of which there stand St. Georges and St. Paul Churches. On the West, there lays the Kiliclar Valley. If you are not tired yet, you can reach to Outdoor Museum and Goreme on foot on visit Zemi Deresi Gorkundere and Goreme Valleys.

We can take a different tour to Zelve from Cavusin. Having seen the Pasabagi we reach to Zelve and return to Cavusin following another way. It’s also possible to reach Cavusin following the way down from Kizilcukur and Gulludere and walking from Zelve to Aktepe. That’s how a trip to the land of fairy chimneys will be in your unforgetable memories.