Çamli Cove

Between Gobun Cove and Yavansu Cove, there is a small but marvelous cove, almost pressed between two mountains, and it is called Merdivenli Cove by the villagers. The cove has a small beach between the steep rocks on both sides of it is extremely impressive. The cove behind the beach can be reached using rather high steps. Due to these steps, the village is called Merdivenli Koy “stepped village”. Although the anchor can be dropped anywhere within this little cove when the sea is calm, it is impossible to remain here when blow north and north-west winds. Between Merdivenli Cove and Manastir Cove lies a wide cove called Karanlikici Cove. In this wide cove, there are three smaller coves called Yavansu, Kursunlu, and Camli. Yavansu Cove which is at the east of the wide cove displays a marvelous sight at the joining point of pine trees and the sea. The reason this place is called Yavansu is due to the water coming down from the mountains which are good only for watering animals. It is rather difficult to cast anchor on windy days. A small restaurant in the cove serves the guests. Kursunlu Cove which takes its place near this cove has a sandless beach. Yachts can remain overnight here by dropping their anchors to a depth of 5 meters. The cove at the northwest of the wide cove is called Camlik Cove due to its century-old pine trees. This name was given afterward, the name used by the villagers is Kuyrucak. 50 yachts can comfortably take shelter in the cove which as a whole is suitable for anchoring. It is possible to anchor at a depth of 8 meters by approaching at a distance of 20-25 meters to the sandy beach. Like -in the entire bay, old structures can be seen in the sea in this cove too.