Degirmen Bükü - Löngöz

Degirmen Buku is one of the major inlets in the Gokova Bay. There are a number of inlets in this thicket which is reached from the east passing Karaada and Zeytinliada at the west. But one should be careful when sailing in the vicinity of Kormen Islands located at the west of the thicket in front of Cicekli Cape.

There are piers you can moor up to and restaurants at the entrance of Okluk Inlet located at the eastern shore within Degirmen Buku. You may either drop anchor in front of these piers or in the harbor. Then comes Camlik Inlet. Malderesi Harbor next to Gazulen Creek constitutes the extreme end of Degirmen Buku, which is clayed and turbid as Ince and Kucuk Kayin Creeks flow in this region of the thicket. At the west part of the inlet there is English Harbor and Hirsiz Harbor next to it. Another one of the important inlets in Gulf of Gokova is Longoz which is also called Kargili Koyu (Inlet of Kargili). Inlet of Kargili is located within the indentation of Kargili Burun (Cape Kargili), 3 knots west of Degirmen Buku, and is an ideal place of anchorage closed against the winds on all sides. The inlet, which goes round and round in twists and turns among the verdure, is a very beautiful sight. There is a small lake of saline water in an area surrounded with pine trees, in the inlet. A small stream flows into the inlet too.