Inlet of Bedri Rahmi

One of the most important inlets of the gulf, opposite the Island of Tersane, is the inlet of Bedri Rahmi known as Tasyaka by the people. Bedri Rahmi Eyupoglu who was one of the first blue voyagers, painted a fish on a rock behind a fountain here, in the year 1973. Thereafter the inlet has been called by his name. Many Turkish thinkers such as Bedri Rahmi, Azra Erhat, Selahattin Eyupoglu, were the first blue voyagers who discovered these beauties and mentioned them in newspapers and in their books, and initiated the blue voyage by encouraging everybody to see these exquisite inlets. Entering this wide inlet may cause some problems.

In the northeast of it, there are tall pine trees and a fountain of fresh water under them. Here there is a restaurant, and also a wharf so that you can drop anchor at a depth of 2-2.5 m and provide water. You can see the painted fish right behind the fountain and behind it, there is a Lycian rock tomb hidden at the back of the trees.

There are many Lycian rock tombs besides this one in the surroundings, shaped like pigeon nests on a great rock. You can also see a rock tomb with an ornamented door and a triple tomb further on. These rock tombs are special features of the Lycian sand examples of their wooden structures. These rock tombs many examples of which are seen in Fethiye, Pinara and Myra, belong to the 4th and 5th centuries BC and belong to the antique city of Crya situated on the hill. You ascend to the antique city of Crya by means of stairs carved into the rocks, but there is nothing much left of it now. The Acropolis situated above, is surrounded by a polygonal wall built during the early period and there is a tower and a great cistern inside. Although coins and epitaphs could not be found, we learn from the ancient sources of information that the city was Crya. An ancient writer, Pliny, states that this locality is Crya. It is possible to drop anchor anywhere in the inlet because it is not exposed to winds, and there is a small beach in the north of it. If you drop anchor on the right hand side of Restaurant Nomat, which is in the inlet, you’ll be protected against any wind. You can tie your sailboat to the pine and olive trees, by using mooring ropes, and stay as long as you wish in this inlet of unique beauty and swim in these clear waters. The inlet is always absolutely clean, owing to the current in it. It is also said that the healing water which springs spontaneously in the left hand side of Restaurant Nomat eliminates the intestinal parasites if you drink it while hungry. The inlet which can shelter 50-100 yachts easily, is surrounded with pine and olive trees. The sight of the zones that were destroyed by a fire five or six years ago, is very saddening. There is another small inlet opposite the small island in the entrance of the inlet of Bedri Rahmi, which is called Zeyno and has a small beach. With the exception of this small inlet, preferred for its quietness and safety, there is another inlet adjacent to the inlet of Bedri Rahmi and it is called Kille Koyu. And it has lost some of its beauty because of the fire mentioned above.