Inlet of Gökkaya

The Inlet of Gokkaya, in the immediate vicinity of Kekova, is astonishingly beautiful with its indented coasts and many islands opposite them. The sailboats can find places to anchor everywhere in the inlet. The islands Asirli Adasi, Kiseli Ada and Kasirli Ada, smaller than the two others, are situated in front of the inlet of Gokkaya, and in the inlet itself there are smaller islands dispersed all around. The entry into the harbor of Gokkaya is made when you are coming from Kekova by passing between Kiseli Ada and the shore, and through the deep channels between Asirli Ada and Kiseli Ada. However, you need to be careful about the rocky area south of Kiseli Ada which is called Martini Kayaligi. Gokkaya is an ideal place of anchorage closed to the impact of all the winds and the waters are clean there. Owing to the fact that the fresh waters flowing down from the mountains remain on the surface of the seawater, the upper levels are cold and the lower levels are warm. The abscissa of a church is visible to the sight behind the inlet of Gokkaya.

When you follow a footpath adjacent to it, you reach the antique city of Istlada, situated east of the hill. This locality is called Hoyran or Hayitli and is within the Village of Kapakli. There is a small city wall in the city zone and a gate in this wall. There is a building besides the gate and it controls the gate. It is difficult to identify the other structures within the city wall except for the cistern and the wells. The east and north of the Acropolis are full of rock tombs, sarcophaguses, and steel shaped tombs belonging to the Roman period. The tomb with the designs of a sphinx and a cockerel on it and called the Tomb with a cockerel belongs to the 4th century BC. The Lycian rock tombs are situated between Hayitli and the site of ruins. The tomb in Kapakli which was a Lycian epitaph and images of three women is known as the Monumental Tomb of Hoyran.