Boynuz Bükü

Another inlet, which nature has manipulated like lacework, is Boynuz Buku opposite the islands named Yassica Adalari. The entry into the inlet creates no problem because it is deep and it is possible to drop anchor at a depth of about 8-10 m along the wooden wharf. In the west end of the inlet, but you have to be careful about the rocks around the cape that come after Kille Koyu. The inlet which was verdant in the past, has lost its beauty somewhat because of the fire that effected Kille last year, but the green zone formed by liquidambar trees on the opposite side looks like a bouquet and is pleasing to the eye. The liquidambar trees here, have been included within the coverage of preservation and this region has been arranged as a bio-genetic reserve area. When you tie your sailboat to a place near here, you can feel cool in the shadow of these great trees. A plain extends behind the trees and there is a rushy ground on one side. The sea seems a little turbid because the waters of the stream in the region flow into the sea here, but it is clean. A forest road is connected to the asphalt road in the direction of Fethiye. A building of the Environmental Preservation Institution is located within the liquidambar trees which are under protection, and its architectural quality is not in conformity with this place. A restaurant situated near this building supplies service to the passengers during the season. It is possible to anchor everywhere in the inlet which can provide shelter in summer and winter because it is in a position to be very little effected by the winds. After having stayed long enough in this inlet, let’s sail towards another blue world.