Harbor of Ekincik

Harbor of Ekincik, located on the western entry cape of the inlet of Ekincik and covered with green pine forests, is a place of priority because it is very near to the ruined remains of Caunos. The grassy plain is in the middle and the village of Ekincik is at the back of the inlet respectively. The cooperative of motorboats incorporated by the villagers here, will take you from your sailboat and carry to Caunos. You can drop anchor in the part where there are motorboats and along the wide sand beach, and also in the wonderful inlet amongst the verdure exactly opposite the lighthouse. If you can find a place for yourself in this inlet where the green and the blue are intermingled with each other, it will be both safe and pleasing to anchor there.

The motorboats that start from Marmaris for daily excursions can hardly go near the island called Delik Ada where the Stream of Dalyan meets the sea, and the transportation to Caunos from here is made by means of another motorboat through a channel which is very shallow but looks like a dream world. The channel seems more meaningful among the rushes and with the sight of the Lycian type rock tombs added to it. The romantic return, after having walked among the ruins of Caunos and visited the healing mud baths, will be an unforgettable memory for you all through your life.

The only place of anchorage ahead of us, after leaving the inlet of Ekincik, is the island called Baba Adasi. The island that is located after the cape named Disibilmez and can be seen in the distance is Kayalik Ada. We can pass through the center of the channel between the island and the shore, and drop anchor in the indentation northeast of Baba Adasi.

If you are delayed on your way from Marmaris to Fethiye, the inlet of Kizilkuyruk which you reach after having gone 2.7 knots beyond Cape Kurtoglu is a good place of anchorage too but if you have sufficient time, we advise you to enter the inlets of Fethiye which make up the most colorful and most pleasurable point of the blue voyage. We wish that you decide to pass through the channel between Domuz Adasi (The Pigs Island) and the Peninsula and enjoy the mysterious beauty of the Inlet of Goblin which is the first of the inlets of Fethiye in this region.