The Seven Islands

The Seven Islands, are located between the capes Teke Burnu and Taneli Burnu. The Seven Islands consist of seven islands, 3 of which are in the north and 4 are placed in a northeast-southwest direction. You need to pass carefully between these islands because the extensions of the islands lie under water in various places. It is possible to anchor in the inlet which is in the south of the eastern peninsula but owing to the fact that the sand is dragged by the stream shallows at the entry of the inlet, you have to pass between the cape named Taneli Burun and the 4th island and be careful while doing so.

When the entry into the inlet is made from the north, you need to be careful about the shallows which are 400 m. northwest of the third island. The Harbor of Gokagac, the Harbor of Karaagac and the Hidden Harbor (Sakli Liman) are behind The Seven Islands and the Inlet of Kufre is at the southeast end of them. In case you enter these inlets from the north and you pass through the shallow zone located in the north of the third island, you’ll have to pass either between the first small island or between second island and the shore.There is a shallow area in the northwest of the Cape Gullubuk in the zone of the Seven Islands which is 770 m. in length towards the sea. Sailing in this sea of islands and passing the night there, is pleasant and gives you a rather different taste.