The wide trade harbor of the ancient city of Phaselis, is an exquisite inlet today where the sailboats can stay overnight. It is rather easy to enter the inlet, but you have to be careful about the rocks which extend to the sea 200 m, when you are coming from the south. The submerged breakwater lies in the western and eastern entry of the inlet, therefore, it is advisable to sail just in the middle.

After having visited the ruins of Olympos and having enjoyed the exquisite wide sandy beach, you pass near by the “Three Islands” and enter the harbor of Tekirova which is an excellent anchoring place. This is the Southern Harbor that was the trade part of the ancient city of Phaselis. Phaselis has two more ports in the north one of which is military and the other was obtained by shutting off two small islands with the breakwater.

Since there are ancient remains and rocks in those two ports its inconvenient to anchor there. The best anchorage site is in this southern inlet. You can drop anchor at a depth of 6-7 meters in this harbor surrounded with pine trees, and can enter from here to see and walk among the ruins.