Sehir Islands

The three islands located in Gokova Bay at 36 degrees 59’7″ North and 28 degrees 12’4″ east are called Sehir Islands. They consist of the island named Sedir or Cleopatra Island and Orta Island and Kucuk Island. Sedir Island, which is the biggest of Sehir Islands, can be reached by land from Camli (Gelibolu) and by boat from Tacbuku Village. The Apollon Temple built in Doric style in this Island of which the ancient name is Kedriai or Sedrai was transformed into a church in the Byzantine period. Seats of the theatre situated at the north of the island are still erect and sound today. At the east can be seen the city walls and towers. There are also ancient ruins like the Agora available on the island. There is a large necropolis on the shore just in front of the island. Besides Sedir Island, one can see ancient ruins on the other two islands, too. At the southern part of the island takes place an inlet of which the fine sands are believed to be healing. According to a tale, Cleopatra, the Queen of Egypt saw that there were no sands in this beach at her visit thereto, and told this to Antonius, her sweetheart, who made these sands brought from Afriafa for the sake of the woman he was in love with. This tale caused the inlet be called “Cleopatra Beach” where you can drop anchor, swim and enjoy the sun and the golden sands.