The Kilic Ali Pasha Mosque

The kulliye ordered by Kilic Ali Pasha, one of  Kanuni Sultan Suleyman’s naval officers, is situated close to the sea, and consists of a mosque, a medrese, tomb and a hamam.

The plan, with its lateral galleries surrounding the central area on three sid resembles very much that of Saint Sophia. Its concept of space is different from  that of the Suleymaniye, which also shares a similar plan. The central and later areas are separated from one another, which brings the work closer to Sain Sophia. Contrary to what has been attempted until then in other mosques, the plan is developed in length rather than in width. This has caused many t argue that the mosque could not have been built by Sinan. The dome rests on a square base, with supporting semidomes on two sides, and, on the two other side very wide arched buttresses reaching from the piers to the outer wall. Even though the galleries advance as far as the central area, calling to mind the  Mahmud II Mosque, the arches supporting the dome remain much higher than th upper galleries. The latecomers’ porch is doubled. The lateral facades make nice impression, with the twin windows niched inside each of the arch interval The mihrab and pulpit as well as the tiles and ornamental paintings are interesting.