Round Tower - Baths of Scholastikia

The Round Tower

This is situated behind the Trajan fountain, at the foot of Panayir Mountain. The tower was erected as a monument in 50 A.D. It is square-planned, and set on a podium was the cylindrical shaft surrounded bya row of arches on two courses, now in ruins.

The Baths of Scholastikia

The Baths of Scholastikia, which are located behind the Temple of Hadrian, were entered by means of a stairway alongside the temple. The statue seen in the large hall on the west belongs to a wealthy Scholastikia, who had the baths reconstructed in the 4th century AD. The public toilets and brothel located alongside the structure were first constructed along with the baths in the Ist century A.D. It is believed that the baths consisted of three storeyed. An extensive hall which would have been the second storey has been uncovered along with another room to its north and a tiled roof.

The room in which the statue of Scholastikia was located used as a dressing room, and it extends to the stuccoed hot room (caldarium) on the north. On the left is the cold room (frigidarium). The marble floor of the caldarium is built over brick supports, and under it flowed hot water from the baths’ furnaces on the left. The frigidarium contained a swimming pool, and was located alongside the dressing room. The baths could house a thousand customers, and contained a library and entertainment rooms. There is also a doorway opening onto the street leading to the Theatre on the east slope.