Manastir Cove

Splendid Manastir Cove shaded by the pine trees and located at a distance about one nautical mile south-west of Boz Point can be reached from the right side of and 50-60 meters from the island located in front of it. In this cove, which is entirely suitable for anchoring, small vessels can lie by mooring to the wooden wharf, as well as by tying their mooring lines to the trees on the shore.In the sea, south-east of the Manastir Cove, old remains called Cleopatra’s bath by the people can be seen. However, this is just an adapted name, and the remains do not belong to Cleopatra’s period. The pines bending over the sea as if they were kissing the water and the green trees starting from the seaside extending all the way to the hill tops, add a unique beauty to the cove. In this lovely cove where you are simply one with nature, there are 3 restaurants ready to serve the guests corning to the area. South of the island and the cove where the remains of the bath are, is an ideal mooring spot not effected by storms. However, the west side of it does not hold anchor in winds blowing from the North and South west, but it is a comfortable and nice place for staying overnight when it is calm.

In the west part of Manastir Cove, extends along an antique wall next to the restaurant called Wallbay. This wall extends from here to the top and again back to the sea and is built to protect Lydae on the peninsula and a village of it called Arymaxa. Thus the peninsula is separated from the mainland for safety. When you reach the top, the beautiful sight of Gokgemili cove will excite you with admiration. The rocks in the sea look as if they reflect a motif of the landscape.Two wooden wharves in the cove are for vessels to land their passengers, customers of the vessels coming on a daily basis from Fethiye during noon hours form a good size crowd. At later hours it returns to its old quietness. Now, let us untie our rope from the trees where the green descends to the seaside to meet with the blue and proceed to a new cove.