Finike is located after the Inlet of Kokar and it is a place easily entered and left safely night and day and protected by a breakwater. You can meet your necessities concerning water, fuel oil and food in Finike and, if you wish, you can see the ruins of Limyra in Turuncova near by and also the ruins of Arykanda in Arif, situated a little higher. After you leave Fethiye, you go on forward towards the cape Taslik Burnu which is 982 m high.

The ruins of Gagai are on a hill 200 m high, above the Harbor of Karaoz covered with pine trees in the inlet of Finike. Since the sea is rough around Cape Taslik in the afternoon. It is better to pass through here is a place where many ships have sunk in ancient times too. The underwater work here concerning a ship that had sunk in 1300’s BC, continued for one year and was completed in 1994. The works of art which were found have began to be displayed at the Museum of Bodrum. Let us pass through here rather carefully and enter the Harbor of Cavus.