At Bükü

At Buku which is in the west of the Island of Gocek and north of Boynuz Buku, consists of two inlets in the south and north. There is a great rock in the entrance of the inlet and, on the north coast, there is a beach and fountain among the pines.

The road that leads to Gocek is visible when you are passing across the earth hills above the inlets. There are many inlets between this inlet and Gocek. One of these is Gunluklu Koy, adorned with liquidambar trees. The other one is the Inlet of Osmanaga, located on the other side of the peninsula which forms the boundary of Gunluklu Koy. There is a small island in the south of the inlet. The passage between this island and the coast is dangerous.

The peninsula of Ince Burun which is adjacent to the inlet of Osmanaga extends to the sea as a promontory. The sailboats for which there is no place in Gocek, can stay overnight in the north of this peninsula. The next inlet is the inlet of Ciftlik Koyu near Doruklu where there is a camp and next to this inlet, there is the Inlet of Bungus which is an exquisite yacht harbor.