The Secrets of the Flavor

Most vegetables should be cooked without meat but addition of broth of meat or chicken is recommended.

Never roost onions too deep. If one has stomach burn following a meal, it is due to excessive use of tomato paste, margarine/fot and burnt onions.

Use vegetable oil for frying and genuine olive oil for cooking.

To test the quality, put o few drops of vinegar on a piece of mirror and hold it to light. Vou will see small particles. The more the particles, the better is the qualitu of vinegar.

The herbs used in cooking are very important. The ones that are a “must” are; salt, blackpepper, allspice, cumin, thyme and pepper flakes.

Fish should preferably be oven cooked or is tastier and healthier for the Heart.

In warm/hot climates, light vegetable dishes should be preferred. Heavy food should be avoided. Seasonal fresh vegetables should be consumed.

Food should be cooked over low heot in order to preserve the taste.Cooking over high heat causes loss of taste.

Some chefs add a thickening mixture of flour diluted in water, iemon and eggs to give body to the sauce of the food cooked, ot the last stage of boiling.

Since the skin of the green pepper ond tomato is not easily digested in the stomach, it should be peeled prior mixing with the food. Peeling the skin of the pepper is easier, if it is First fried and then soaked in cold water.

Pomegranate syrup can be used where limon is not available.

Addition of some sugar, enriches the flavor of vegetables cooked in olive oil.

Chicken Broth

Take a whole cleaned chicken. LUash it thoroughly and place it in a pot.
Fill the pot with water to cover the chicken. Take the foam off with a spoon while boiling. Leave it to simmer. Lift the wing with a fork, if the flesh comes off the bone, it is cooked. Take the chicken off the pot and place it on a plate. Vou can use the broth when cooking vegetables, rice and soups.

Meat Broth

Pick the shin or leg or hip bone of beef- it should be a thick bone with marrow. Place it in a pot. Fill with water, ftdd a little lemon juice, one whole small size onion, one small potato, one small carrot ond some finely chopped parsley sterns.Boil over low heat. Keep boiling until the marrow and the fat moves out of the bone. Take away the foam. Strain the boiled water, and use when cooking rice, various dishes or soups.

Tomato Paste Sauce

Place margarine in the pot. fldd dry onion, bell pepper, carrot, porsley stems, one clove of garlic, one daphne leaf. To give additional flavor, you can also add celery, if available, if in season, a couple of celery leaves can be added to give extra Flavor. Roast this mixture. Rdd some tomato paste. Keep stirring with a spoon and add sufficient water. The mixture must be thick. Rdd some more woter, salt and stir. Soil until carrots and potatoes ore cooked. Mash through the strainer. The strained mixture can be used as sauce over meat and some of the vegetable dishes.

Bechamel Sauce

Place some margarine and flour in a pan. Roast. Slowly add milk. The mixture should neither be too light or too thick. Keep stirring over low heat. Rdd salt, pepper and two eggs. If you like, you can also add some nutmeg.