Museum of Chora

At the site where Jesus and his. ancestors are seen at the dome, there stand mosaic of Jesus and Mary on a large panel on the wall.

Despite the fact that some of the mosaics at the bottom have fallen away, a splendid mosaics of Jesus is confronted here. Under Mary ,who is engaged in prayer, Prince Isaac Komnenos is seen kneeling down.

On the right of Jesus, we see Melane, a nun and the daughter of Mikhael Palaiologos VII.. This princess had wed Alaba Khan, a Mongol prince, and after the decease of her husband; she returned to Istanbul and became a nun.

Beside her, there is an inscription “Melane, Lady of the Mongols”. These two names must have contributed to the restoration of the church in the 12th Century.

The reason for denoting Jesus as Khalk Jesus, is that this panel was inspired by the icon of a large size found at the entrance to the Khalke palace in Byzantium.