Museum of Chora

Upon the entrance door to the Kariye Museum stand portraits of Mary praying and the two angels. Here, at Mary’s bosom, a portrait of Jesus with a halo over his head, is seen in a medallion. Mary, in a calm and dignified manner, stands with arms stretched upwards and holding her hands in prayer.

Two angels, each with a halo over its head, stand on both sides of the Virgin; one at the right and one at the left. Against the standing still figure of the Virgin ,the artist has revived the panel by rendering motion to the angels. Most likely this artist was one of the best among the artist, who made the mosaics in the church.

In the inscription on the panel, one reads the words “Mother of God, the dwelling-place of the Never Contained”. Between sections C and D, deteriorated saint portraits are found on the arch No.13.