Museum of Chora

Panel of mosaics No.3, located inside the outer wall at the southern part of section A, takes up as its subject-matter Jesus going together with Mary and John the Baptist to Jerusalem on Easter. On this panel, certain saints like Anempodistus, Epideforous, Alphonius and Pegasius are depicted In medallions. This panel is rather weak in comparison to others. For example, the grace, well-balance and richness observed in the former panel are absent in this one. As the mosaics in the Chora were made by a variety of artists, some are exquisite, while some others, like this one, are rather poor. In this panel, on the right, buildings with large doors and windows are seen. Jesus, Mary and John are here depicted entering Jerusalem. On the left, the entire mosaics in the dome are destroyed. In the section denoted as No.4 in our plan, Jesus is seen among the doctors in the temple.