Museum of Chora

Within the dome in this section, Jesus is in the middle, surrounded by his ancestors. Jesus in the middle holds in his left hand the Holy Bible and raising his right hand to the level of his chest, makes a sign of blessing with his fingers. In separate sections placed around a wide circle and continuing up to the level of the windows in the dome drums are seen twenty-four of the early ancestors of Jesus from Adam to Jacob in the upper zone, and underneath these, the pictures of the fifteen of Jacob’s children are to be found in the lower zone. These are very adroitly placed in independent niches, Starting with Adam, the names of the twenty four ancestors of Christ are as follows: Adam, Jacob, Adam, Seth, Noah,Cainan, Maleleel, Jared, Lamech, Sem,Japheth, Arphaxand, Saruch; Nachor, Thara, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Phalec, Ragau, Enoch, Enos and Abel. These names are written over the heads of the, figures.

At the corners of the dome, where the ancestors of Jesus are located, the mosaics of the Khalke Jesus and Mary are to be found, and between this and the arch designated as J-28 on the plan, we see a woman bleeding for years and healed immeadiately after touching the garments of Jesus. On the other corner, we see the healing by Jesus, of the mother-in-law of the Apostle Peter. 0-29). Opposite this, we see the healing of two blind men by Jesus, and in the other, the healing of the deaf. In the wide panel underneath the healing of the sick people with various diseases are seep. The events take place in a village. Men and women, all the sick population of the village have come to Jesus, to seek the restoration to their health. In the panel of mosaics Jesus stands up, clad in a dark garment. leaning forward and stretching a hand in a gesture of healing towards the sick in the foreground, while his apostles are standing behind him. In the background, other sick people awaiting their turn, and a woman clad in a dark robe, bringing her sick child, are seen.