Museum of Chora

On one of the corners of the dome, the baptizing of Jesus by John the Baptist on the shores of the River Jordan can be seen. The events following are set in various other parts of the dome. After the baptizing of Jesus, the Holy Spirit wishes to test Jesus, and birngs him to the desert. Jesus fasts in the desert forty days and nights, and finally feels hungry.

At this point Satan approaches , Jesus and says to him: “As you , are the son of God, make some bread. ” and whereupon Jesus replies: Man lives not only on bread, but in every word that God utters.”

Upon this, Satan takes Jesus to Jerusalem and places him upon the tower of the temple, and says to him: ..As you are the son of God, throw yourself to the ground. Since God ordered his angels to carry you on their hands, your feet then should not touch the stones.” upon these words Jesus replies by saying, “It is written that you should not try your God. ”

Satan takes Jesus this time to the summit of a high mountain .There, Satan shows him all the countries in the world and their beauties, and tells Jesus that if he kneels down and worships him, he will give Jesus all these countries and their beauties. Jesus says to Satan, .’Go away Satan, It is written that you will worship only your own God and be only His creatures.” Upon these words, Satan leaves Jesus and goes away. Angels come and serve Jesus.