Museum of Chora

On the right of the entrance door and on the inner surface of the outer wall of the church, Elizabeth and John are depicted as they run away from a soldier chasing them with a sword in his hand. Elizabeth is a relative of the Virgin and she is the wife of Zacchariah, and the mother of John the Baptist. On the arch No.17 between sections D and E on the side, there are portraits of the saints. But since the mosaics have fallen, it is not possible to identify them. Panel No.18 on the inner narthex wall in section E is also highly deteriorated. A guard is seen interrogating a woman. As it was made known to King Herod that a new born child would overturn his throne, therefore, he issued an order for the killing of all the new born babies. Opposite these; the mourning mothers are depicted. In the middle, on the side arch, there are no mosaics left. Here, only in the point designated as E-18, King Herod is shown while sitting on his throne, with a guard standing behind him.