Turkish Baklava History

Turkish baklava is an old pastry. It is commonly produced and consumed in the Anatolian region such as Turkish, Greek, and Lebanese people.

These people have lived together for long decades, so it is natural to affect and to be affected by each other’s cuisines. Especially Turks and Greeks admit that baklava belongs to them. But it is obvious that they have their special baklava recipes and both of them delicious.

The differences between Greek Baklava and Turkish Baklava

The most distinct difference between Greek and Turkish baklava is their ingredients of sherbet. Greek baklava’s sherbet is made by honey, on the other side Turkish baklava’s sherbet is made by sugar, lemon, and water. Therefore Turkish baklava is more crunchy because the mild sherbet is poured on hot baklava.

Also, Greek baklava is generally made square-shaped but Turkish baklava has several different shapes, like carrot slice, square, circle, etc. And also, Turkish baklava can be included in milk cream in some kind of baklava. If you choose your baklava the one which has more shelf life, it doesn’t include milk cream and named dry baklava.

In recent years, especially Karakoy Gulluoglu brand produced special recipes like vegan baklava which doesn’t include any animal products, sugar-free diabetic baklava which for persons who have diabetes, and gluten-free baklava for people who has a gluten intolerance. Turkish baklava can vary from chocolate baklava to ‘kadayif’ baklava.

Turkish Baklava Culture

Turkish people always have an excuse to eat baklava. 🙂 They have some special times which eating baklava is a tradition in that times.

Turkish Baklava and Turkish Tea

Baklava as Gift

If you and your family visit another family friend, you can bring baklava as a gift. and It is a tradition that after the meal, a baklava box is opened and desserts are eaten with Turkish tea.

Let’s eat Sweet, Talk Sweet!

Another example is, before two couples wedding, families are coming together and speak about their consents and make some decisions about the wedding ceremonies, in that meeting, they always drink Turkish coffee and generally eat baklava.

Happy Bairam!

Also, on religious holidays, every family makes baklava in their houses. Generally, grandmas make homemade baklava, if nobody knows how to do it at home, they order from the baklava shop on a tray.

Baklavas on Tray

It is as always said among Turkish people ‘let’s eat sweet, talk sweet’

How to Serve Baklava

In the religious holidays, baklava is served with ‘ayran’ that is a kind of drink made with yogurt and water. Another option that a company with baklava is Turkish tea.

Baklava is always served after the meals, generally after dinners.

Homemade Baklava Serving with Tea or Coffee

How many pieces of baklava including in a portion?

It is totally up to the person who eats baklava and the size of baklava. For example, carrot slice baklava is big size baklava. A portion of carrot slice baklava generally will be 1-2 slices. But if you will eat normal size baklava, it includes 5-6 pieces of baklava in a portion.

Types of Baklava

Probably we cannot count all of the baklava types in this paragraph. You can imagine that it is because of the huge varieties of Turkish baklava. But we can mention the types of nuts that are used in baklava recipes.

Firstly; pistachio. Gaziantep is the city where grown the best pistachio in the world. In this city, pistachios don’t consume only, also they have exported to other countries as ‘Antep Fistigi’ around the world. Therefore, we can say that the most delicious baklava types absolutely have recipes with pistachio.

Turkish Baklava with Gaziantep Pistachios

Secondly, walnut. Walnut is the second option for the best baklava tastes. We must say that generally homemade baklavas are made with walnuts. It has two reasons. One of them is the prices of pistachio. It is a little bit more expensive than walnuts. In addition, homemade baklava recipe is generally made with walnuts.

Homemade Baklava with Walnuts