Sinan The Architect

The Sehzade Public Kitchen (1543-48) consists of two buildings each covered with six domes and situated on two sides of a square courtyard. The kitchens are covered by four domes, and the refectory hall by two. It also has its own storehouse.

The Suleymaniye Public Kitchen (1555) is situated in the porticoed courtyard on the side facing the hospital, It consists of a five-domed refectory behind which there is a four-domed kitchen, each dome equipped with a glass turret to allow daylight in. In the wing facing the hospice and in front of the door are storehouses, with an oven in the corner. A large grinding stone and weighing scales can still be see here. A kervansaray is situated on the ground floor.

The Uskudar Atik Valide Kitchen (some time before 1579) forms a symmetric plan with the kervansaray and the guesthouse. A passage leads from the main entrance gate in the middle of the kervansaray to a porticoed courtyard where the guesthouse is situated on one side and the public kitchen on the other. The courtyard of the public kitchen is T-shaped, with porticoes on three sides. The kitchen itself has six glass-turreted domes while the refectory hall is covered by two plain ones. There is also a larder and a storehouse.