Sinan The Architect

The Sehzade Guesthouse (between 1543-48) forms a double structure, the glass turreted dome of its entrance hall flanked by two domes covering other rooms situated on either side. A kervansaray is situated next to the building.

The Suleymaniye Guesthouse (1555) has a porticoed courtyard with double domed eyvans on two sides and a third eyvan opposite the entrance, whose , main dome and two semidomes resemble the structure of the mosque. With its fine proportions, it forms a beautiful composition. A kervansaray was situated below the neighbouring refectory.

The Atik Valide Guesthouse (before 1579) facing the refectory, it forms a fine composition with the porticoed courtyard it shares with the same refectory and the kervansaray.