The Seljuks, who dominated Anatolia after the defeat of Byzantium in 1071 established a state in Anatolia and made konya their capital. The Seljuks made use of Antalya as a naval base and constructed on the roads linking Konya with Alanya, ins, caravanserails and established security .The caravanserail of Akhan on the right of the asphalt road of Afyon at a distance of 8 km from Denizli was constructed in 1252-1260 by Seyfettin Aksungur. It consists of two sections, one being larger than the other. This caravanserail surrounded by remparts and having a majestic portal has two towers, in the eastern and western corners. The first section opens on to a court measuring 110 m2 through an imposing gate. The north east of the court is covered by vaults and comprises rooms built on two storeys. To the south and west of the court is a portico with double-passage.

This portico was destined probably to burden. The small chamber adjacent to the court is a small prayer room. The large hall in the second section is the most important part of the caravanserail; it is separated by two rows of columns, opposite to each other supported by ribbed vault