The large chamber in the southern wing of the dervish lodge, now used as administrative offices, was originally set aside for discussion between the sheyh and the dervishes, for sema, or for use as a refectory. The brushwork tracery on the ceiling dates from the 19th century. The chamber has a small service area (for beverages) set in a niche.

North of the court, facing the Celebi Gate is a building once used to house visiting celebis, set in its own garden. Beyond it is the old Mevlevi kitchen. In the centre of the courtyard stands a marble fountain. This monumental sadirvan-fountain was the endowment of Selim the Grim, built in 1512 and restored by Mehmet III in 1595, and by Abdulaziz in 1868. Facing this fountain to the north is a trickling fountain – selsebil.