As yet we know very little of the life of the great mystic and philosopher, Semseddin of Tabriz, who was responsible for inspiring Mevlana and moulding him into the mature mystic that he became during the long discussions they held together. But a mausoleum and mescid attributed to Sems are to be found in the Sems neighbourhood of Konya. The mausoleum, Seljuk in style, is surmounted by a pyramidal, lead-covered roof and contains a wooden cataphalque said to belong to Sems.

This is covered with an embroidered tomb cloth and the headstone is surmounted with a sikke bound with a green turban. The burial chamber lies below the wooden floor of the mausoleum. The adjacent mescid was also used as a semahane. It is a simple, fiat-roofed building divided into two bya broad arch. From their architectural style, we know that both mausoleum and mescid were built during the Karaman period, and underwent certain alterations during the Ottoman period.