Museum of Chora

The ornamented grooves coming out of the medallion in the middle, divide the dome into twelve sections, and an angel holding a spear is depicted in each section. Under these, the holy legend is depicted.

In the pendentives of the dome, we see the four gospel writers or four hymnographers, namely Saint Joseph the poet, Saint Cosmos, Saint Theophares and Saint John of Damascene. Below the dome, subjects from the Old Testament are depicted on the walls and arches:

Here at the left, on the northern wall we see Jacob’s ladder on the two sides of a window, and below this, Jacob dreaming and the angels ascending and descending the ladder; and above the Virgin and the Child Jesus are presented in a medallion.

On the right, we see Moses among the burning bushes. In the bushes, we see the Virgin and Jesus in a medallion. An angel in the bushes addresses Moses, holding a veil in his hand.

A little further ahead, the depiction of the Bearing of the Ark of the Covenant is seen, and its continuation is on the niche of the tomb on the southern wall under the dome. At the left of the window, we see King Solomon and the Israelites, and at the right, the placement at the temple of the Ark of the Covenant is depicted. Aside these, we see the combat of an angel with the Asurians near the outskirts of Jerusalem. This is within the arch and has survived until our age, only being partly damaged. On the left of the arch, above the column at the entrance to the Parecclesion, we see Aaron and his sons in front of an altar, presenting the votive offerings that they were carrying in their hands. The frescoes in the other half of the column have deteriorated. The blank spaces are filled with the frescoes of warriors holding spears and shields. There are some more frescoes here in the passage leading to the nave, in the side niches of the apse and in the annex with the northern galleries, but most of them are badly deteriorated. These parts are closed to visitors.