This is Mevlana’s fifth work. It contains 145 of his letters (in prose), some of which were written to the leading figures of his time, sultans, viziers and governors, and others to his followers. They encompass a variety of subjects. The letters are in the standard form of the day, beginning with formulae of respect and praise, laudatory phrases referring to the wisdom, rank and intellegence of the subject. The substance of the letter follows in equally elaborate style. Each of these letters is a typical masterpiece of Mevlana’s prose style. They are mainly instructive missives concerned with moral and theological truths, in which the writer illustrates his arguments with quotations from the Koran and the traditions.

These letters have been published in Turkish under the title ‘Mektubat-i Mevlana’ and ‘Mektuplar’ by Abdulbaki Golpinarli.