The apartments of the sheyhs, once used to house visiting sheys and now the museum research library is a spacious room abutting onto the Green Dome, with a small window of service supplication- prayer window -niyaz penceresi- opening into the mausoleum of Mevlana. It stands next to the Mevlevi cemetery -hamusan, south of the present museum.

The window linking this room with the mausoleum is surmounted by a tiled arch over which is a picture of the turban-bound headdress of the great mystic and one of Mevlana’s quatrains inscribed in talik. Over the century, hundreds of pilgrims have paid their respects of Mevlana through this window.

The museum research library, now housed in this apartment, contains 1450 manuscripts and 3700 books.

Some of the manuscripts are extremely rare, and many of them are unique. A number of the works are related to mysticism and to Mevlana and the Mevlevi in particular.