According to contemporary accounts, Alaeddin Keykubad, the Seljuk Sultan of the period. hearing that the scholar of Balkh had settled in Larende, sent repeated envoys to the town of Karaman to implore the scholar to move to Konya, the Seljuk capital, and continue his teaching there. Bahaeddin Veled finally accepted this invitation, and moved to Konya in 1228, where he lived for a further two years, teaching first at the Altun-Aba (Iplikci) Madrasa and later at a madrasa constructed by Emir Bedreddin Gevhertas, after whom it was named, before his death on 12 January 1231.

After his death, his followers attached themselves to his son, Mevlana Celaleddin, who was, however, sent to Damascus and Aleppo for several years by his father’s successor and his own mentor, Tirmizli Seyyid Burhaneddin. On Mevlana’s return from the east, considerably matured, Burhaneddin gave up the post of Veled’s successor in his favour, and retired to Kayseri, where he died some years later.