Museum of Chora

In the nave of the church, above the entrance door, we see the death scene of the Virgin. In this scene, Mary is seen lying on a catafalque. On both sides of her, apostles, clerical dignitaries, and seers of oracles stand. One of the apostles holds a censer in his hand, whereas the other people are portrayed leaning towards the bed in deep sorrow. Behind the bed, Jesus in an oval halo joins the gathering. Here, Christ holds a baby in his arms. This baby symbolically represents the soul of his mother. Around Jesus, in the upper zone of the big oval halo, we see angels singing. Above this, Ashrael, the angel of death, is flying, and on the right, two sky torches are climbing up with a great speed. From of the way people stand, from of the twist and folds of their garments, and finally, from their facial expressions, it is deduced that the scene is depicted with elaborate fineness and reality.In this nave of the church, on the frontal surface of the rank of the apse, and on the right, we see the Virgin with the child Jesus in her arms. This panel of mosaics, which is framed like an icon, is partly in a bad shape. On the north wall of the apse, we find the mosaics of Jesus. This panel has also reached our era with considerable damage. On this panel, Jesus holds an open book in his hand. In this book, there is an inscription meaning” All those with great fatigue and under great burdens, come up to me; I shall give you peace”.