Museum of Chora

He is holding with his left hand the Holy Bible lying on his knee- cap, with a sign of the cross on its front cover; and he is making a sign of blessing with his fingers of his right hand raised to the level of his chest. He is seen with a halo over his head, sitting erect, with a sweet look on his face. Facing Christ and kneeling down on the left, holding a small model of the church is Theodore Metochites. He is attired in a moire robe with full sleeves and long skirts, and ornamented with various designs. He has a long beard and wears a light coloured knitted turban on his head. Although a small model of the church is being presented to Jesus Christ, the artist has not been able to ‘guide Christ’s look in the right direction. Perhaps the artist did this on purpose, because of the deep reverance he felt for Jesus. A slight turn of the head would perhaps serve the purpose of this otherwise perfectly depicted scene. As it was pointed out in the former pages, Metochites had the church repaired from the year 1315 up to 1321, and had it embellished with invaluable mosaics and frescoes. Metochites was one of the elites of his epoch, a poet and an astronomer. He was at the same time the Auditor of the Imperial Treasury during the reign of Andronikos II. This quality is made known in the inscriptions found near his head in the illustrations. Above this panel, the scene indicating the presentation of the Virgin in the temple, is located.