Museum of Chora

On the door leading to the inner narthex, just opposite the entrance to the museum, we find a magnificent portrait of Jesus Christ. Upon entering the museum, we are confronted with this splendid mosaic depiction of Jesus. We see Jesus here with a halo over his head, holding the Holy Bible in his left hand and making a sign of blessing with his fingers of his right hand. In this mosaic portrayal, Jesus is depicted having his hair elaborately divided into two sides from the middle of his head, with a spiritual look on his face. To the right of Christ’s head and slightly upwards, there is an abbreviation meaning Jesus. And on the inner and left side, stands the abbreviation XC, which is one of the names of Christ. Beneath these, on the right-hand side we read the inscription Hora (Chora) and “Jesus Christ, the dwelling place of the living” on the left side, Philosophically, this characteristic of Jesus, which is also indicated in the Bible, is thus coupled with the name of the church.