The Sokollu Mosque, Kadirga

This mosque is part of a kulliye commissioned by the famous Sokollu Mehmet Pasha -who acted as Sadrazam (Prime Minister) under three Sultans: Kanuni Suleyman, Selim II and Murad III -and his wife Esmahan Sultan, who was the; daughter of Selim II. Built on a sloping terrain, its connections with the neighbouring streets are well conceived The passage under the school leading towards the entrance of the courtyard is a particularly interesting arrangement. The medrese and the mosque surround the same courtyard. A tekke and a semahane (dervish lodge and meeting room) are situated behind the mihrab: wall, forming an original composition.

The two lateral bases supporting the dome appear as pilasters on the inside and salient buttresses on the outside of the lateral walls. The central area  immediately impresses the visitor. The side galleries are perfectly integrated into the main body. The proportions, the light which penetrates from all sides in perfect balance, and the colours enhance the space, the masterful use of tiles greatly contributing to this interior effect.