Despite the fact that it holds no historical artifacts, Kalkan, which is connected to Kas, it is a highly sought after tourism center. Known as Kalamaki in ancient times, Kalkan is on the Kas - Fethiye Highway, 25 kilometers out of Kas.

In the population exchange of 1925, the people living here migrated to either Greece or Australia. Those that left for Greece promptly set up a village near Athens they named ‘Kalamaki’ and Kalkan. continued in their ways. Their children occasionally come and visit Kalkan to catch up on things th( taken place in their old community. This pro district, which up to recently had derived its i from making soap and olive oil, has, thank.! spotless pensions and hotels and restaurants, serve up some delicious dishes, became a fj stopover place for blue voyagers. Yachts sailir Yedi Burun, which sticks out into the sea like , point, can slip into Kalkan’s safe harbor. Just town is able to meet all your provision needs, also have the opportunity to visit the sites o important Lycian cities, Patara, Letoon and X all within one day.

Tourists staying in Kalkan can visit t Cave, which is located six kilometers from the Measuring 50 x 40 x 15, the cave is rather imp by the way sunlight is reflected into the c produce incredible hues of green and blue. Tl1 is big enough to wander through it in a motorboat, whereas there is the nearby Kapitas well, which is an ideal spot to take a dip in the sea.

Because it shelters so many pigeons, tt behind Ince Burun and two kilometers from Ka known as the Giivercinlik Sea Cave. Both the narrow mouthed Giivercinlik Ini and the Deni are 100 meters from the Giivercinlik Cave. Th goes as far as Inbas cave, on the Bezirgan 1 shoreline near Kalkan. Kalkan is a good rest spot its quaint whitewashed buildings that hav( turned into pensions and restaurants over to several years. They look fabulous in spring, I out with purple and red bougainvillea flowers.

Daily excursions to nearby locations I made from Kalkan. For instance, a good pIc trekking is the Bezirgan Plateau. which is si just above Kalkan. Ruins of an ancient city Pirha can be seen in the hills above the vill Bezirgan, which is full of greenery.

Trekking 15 minutes from the villag reaches the remains at a height of 850 meters sea level. The mountain cliff is full of several tombs. As for sarcophagi, they are seen scatter sloppy manner. At Goldag, on the border of t villages of Bezirgan and Islamlar , one finds inc worked stone tombs that are interconnected 1 other. Exiting the village of Bezirgan on the Gombe, one encounters a Lycian house-type that has been carved into the rock opposite a plane tree. This tomb, which was decorated with both inner and outer reliefs, is currently in a damaged state.

Continuing down this road, one arrives in the village of Siitlegen, which shelters a myriad hues of green. A little below this point are the Nisa ruins in a place calIed Meryem1ik. One will not see much more than the rubble of the theater, the ancient road that passed through here as well as sarcophagi.

Passing through Siitlegen, this road takes us to Gombe. Gombe, which has an abundant supply of water, is famous for its Ucansu Waterfalls and Yesilgol. The ruins of ancient Chomba are located in Gombe.