Aperlae / Aperlai

Aperlae is located on the Sicak Peninsula, near the Sicak Quay. One can easily reach here by renting a motorboat from either Kas or Ucagiz. If you are arriving overland, you may reach here from Apollonia, which is located in Kilicli. Aperlae's history, which dates back to the 4th or 5th century B.C., is known from coins bearing its name. Aper was the head of the Aperlite sympolity , of which Simena, Isinda and Apollonia were also members, four together presumably carrying one vote in the League assembly. How early this arrangement was is uncertain; Apollonia at least seems a very doubtful member in pre-Roman times. Citizens of the the associated cities were called officially in the inscriptions 'Aperlite from Simena', etc, and their o ethnics were not used.

The city walls begin at the shoreline and fortified with towers at regular intervals. These walls, with their rectangular and polygonal construction, are from Roman times. Other remains at Aperlae are from the Byzantine and Ottoman periods. The western reaches of the wall are of rectangular construction. There are three gates in this wall, two of which have a plain and the third, a blind archway.

The southern reaches of the walls are of polygonal construction and in a bad state of repair. This side is reinforced with two towers and it is here that the main gate was located.

Besides a church in the northwest corner and a chapel in the southeast corner, no other clearly defined structures can be found. Outside the early wall, especially on its east side, are numerous tombs, nearly all sarcophagi with rounded crest and lid. Some of them stand between the early wall and the shore confirming that this area belongs only to the later fortified city. Today, one will find that the quay and associated structures of Aperlae are all underwater. Towards the west end a pier projected outwards.