Edirne is one of the biggest cities in Turkey which takes place on the northwest side of Turkey. The city has lots of important historical buildings and cultural activities.

Owing to the fact that Edirne was an ancient Ottoman capital city, there is a great number of historical works of art in it.

The most known and important historical building is the Mosque of Selimiye, which is the symbol of Edirne. Sinan the architect built this Mosque which he defined as his masterwork succeeding the mosques of Sehzade and Suleymaniye in Istanbul, for Selim the II. between the years 1569-1575. The mosque is encircled by its four minarets in a well-shaped manner and has a magnificent appearance when it is observed from far off. The dome which has a diameter of 31.30 m (103 ft) is supported by 8 pillars and flying buttresses placed at the back. The mosque is ornamented with many windows and therefore the inside is very luminous. The encaustic tiles decorating the niche, are beautiful examples of the Ottoman art of tile-making. The pulpit of the muezzin is at the center of the mosque and supported by 12 marble columns, and there is a marble pond under it. The inside of the dome which is 43.28 m (142 ft) high, is ornamented with engravings. The four minarets which are 70.89 m (233 ft) high surround the mosque gracefully.

The locality where the traditional wrestling activities of Kirkpinar are organized, is the place where the ancient Palace of Edirne was situated. The covered bazaar of Ali Pasha built by Sinan the Architect in 1569, the ancient Mosque dated 1414 which Celebi Sultan Mehmet had ordered to be constructed and the market of antiques adjacent to it and dated 1417, the Market which Murat the III. had ordered to be constructed. The Building Complex of Beyazit which Bayed the II. had ordered to be constructed in 1488, the Mosque with three minaret-galleries dated 1443, the Caravansary of Rustempasa are some of the these historical works of art.