Kizlar Monastery

This church is at a distance of 7 km from Urgup. It is carved in a rock and consists of four storeys of which two are chapels. It has the shape of a Greek cross.

Each one of the arms of the cross is surmounted by a small dome and a large barrel-vault.

The space in the north-western corner is covered by a flat ceiling, while the other three corners are covered by cupolas. Geometrical patterns are painted in red and green on the walls. On the north wall towards which the arms of the cross are directed, we see Jesus Christ. The year 1055 indicates that the church dates from the 11th century. Over the church “Kizlar Kilisesi” is a single-naved chapel covered with a barrel-vault.

In the apse one observes the Deesis and on the eastern wall there is the figure of Saint Basil. This church has another chapel in the shape of a cross having a cupola and a single apse.