Goreme, Gorkun and Kiliclar Valleys

Goreme, ancient name of which is Korama used to be known as Avcilar until recently. Today, modern Goreme, integrated with the fairy chimneys has very interesting scenery.

It’s not surprising to see a marvellous fairy chimney next to a modern building. The fairy chimney in the centrum is known as Roman Castle and with the flag on it, it’s the symbol of the city. Increasing number of modern hotels besides the small authentic guest houses is the result of development in Goreme.

Uzundere (stream) running through the city towards the north, irrigates Guvercinlik Valley far ahead. If we walk along the Uzundere towards Uchisar direction, we can visit the Durmus Kadir Church there. There are Yusuf Koc and Esikli churches across it. On the Goreme-Uchisar direction, it’s possible to reach those churches passing by the fairy chimney called Haci’nin Yeri in which there is a restaurant with an interesting ambiance.

After a joyful stroll, on the way to open air museum, we can pass through Zemi and Gorkun Valleys. We may start with Sakli church parking our car in the parking lot. Having climbed the path, we can enjoy the beautiful scenery. Now we have Kiliclar Valley on the east, El Nazar Church, Zemi and Gorkun valleys on the west. That’s the ideal place to shoot some photos. In a few steps, we arrive at the Sakli Church. As we walk down-hill, we can visit El Nazar Church which is being restored, and reach to Gorkun Stream.

At that point, the monumentally eroded structures upto sky are surrounded by the green nature. Having enjoyed what we saw, we can get back to our car and following a short rest we can go to Kiliclar Valley moving along the direction to Open air museum and taking the path on the left, we face the Kiliclar Valley. The valley situated between Goreme Valley and Aktepe is called Kiliclar Valley.

That valley of white tuff rocks is guarded by the Kiliclar Church. The church in style of Hellenic Cross (Greek Cross), is decorated with the depictions out of the Bible. The church, dated back to 9th -10th century, has a dome supported by four columns. Against the southern facade there’s another church that has the apsis and deisis depictions on half of the dome. There is a monastery in 50 m northwest. The Virgin Mary Church 300 m away from the museum behind the Tokali Church in south of Kiliclar Church, is worth to see.

Having seen the churches in Open air museum, we can take the way to see Aynali Church against the Kaya Camping. On the way to Urgup-Nevsehir turn, we have 2 km to go up to Aktepe hillside. It’s a unique pleasure to watch sunrise or sun-set here. Moreover, we may enjoy a stroll to the Kiliclar and Kizilcukur valleys.