Elmali Church

This church is carved in a hill on the bank to the south of the museum grounds. Although the main entrance of the church was upstream, today the access is from a narrow and short passage on the right side. It probably owes its name to the surrounding apple trees. It is erected on a ground plan having the shape of a Greek cross covered by cupolas seated on independent supports and having three apses. The frescoes which are well preserved represent the hospitality of Abraham and the Three Hebrews. In the central apse we see represented Virgin Mary, Saint John the Baptist and Jesus Christ enthroned. On the calotte of the cupolas or of the conches are medals wherein figure portraits of Christ and archangels. The well preserved frescoes illustrate the baptism of Jesus Christ and the Crucifixion. The inner side of walls, the pilasters and the faces of the arches illustrate bishops, martyrs, saints and women saints.

The gospel scenes ilustrating the life of J. Christ are from 11th century and the beginning of the twelfth in which we observe the Nativity, The Adoration of the Magi, the Baptism, the Raising of Lazarus, the Transfiguration, the Entry into Jerusalem, the Last Supper, the Betrayal of Judas, Jesus Christ on the way to Golgotha, Jesus Christ crucified, the entombment of Jesus Christ, the Resurrection, the Women at the Empty Tomb of Jesus Christ and the Ascension.