Phaselis is in Tekirova, at a distance of 35 km from Antalya. Phaselis was founded in the year 690 BC as a colony of Rhodes. Then it maintained in existence under the domination of the Persians of Alexander in 333 BC, the Kingdom of Rhodes, Rome and Byzantium successively, and finally it became extinct in the 11th century AD when the Seljuks began to consider Antalya and Alanya more important.

The aqueducts which attract attention at first sight, belong to the Roman Period. There are three harbors in Phaselis; one of which is the Military Harbor in front of the aqueducts, the second one is the wide Northern Harbor adjacent to the military harbor and the third is the Southern Harbor in the south.

There is a wide avenue at the center of Phaselis which starts from the Military Harbor, and ,ends here with the Gate of Hadrian. At the starting point of the avenue, the Trade Agora is located on the right and there are the remains on shops here. The Domitian Agora and the new Agora are situated on the avenue at the side of this Agora. On the left hand side of the avenue, the theater of Phaselis, belonging to the Roman Period. The necropolis of the city is on the hills on the left hand side of the incoming road, and at the seaside.