When you turn off from the Kas-Fethiye motorway and advance towards the Village of Bozoluk, you reach Letoon. Letoon is a city that had been founded in the name of Leto, mother of Apollon and Arthemis.

The first one, of the three temples here, belongs to Leto and it is dated back to 400 BC It is of Ionian order, has six columns in the front and at the back and eleven columns at the sides. The smallest temple which is located adjacent to the above mentioned one, that is to say at the center, is dated to the 4th century BC and belongs to Anthem’s. The third temple of Doric order which is situated at the extreme end, belongs to Apollon and to the Hellenistic Period.

The exedra in the form of a semicircle which was used to place statues on, belongs to the Hellenistic Period. There are the remains of a fountain belonging to the Hadrian Period. The theater belongs to the Hellenistic Period and it has two entrances in the west and in the east which have vaults.