Kas is another place where we can stay for the night safely after leaving Kalkan. The yacht harbor is protected by a breakwater against the winds blowing from the west and southwest and at the end of the harbor there is a lighthouse. There would be no problem in entering the yacht harbor where your needs such as water, diesel oil and ice can be met. The yacht harbor of Kas with latitudinal position 36 degrees 12’58” north and longitudinal position 29 degrees 40’30” east, is in the extreme South of Turkey and therefore the climate there is lukewarm even in winter. The electricity used at the harbor is of 220 volts and communications are made by means of the coastal wireless station. The call-sign is TAC-2 and it is transmitted through 16 channels.

Shops have been opened owing to the development of tourism and shopping can be done easily in them. The food eaten in the restaurants at the coast is also very good and leaves pleasant memories. In addition to these, since Kas is an administrative district, the needs concerning services such as P.T.T.,(Mail-Telegraph-Telephone) pharmacy, dentistry and medical services can also be met. It is possible to spend the night at the Harbor of Bayindir in the vicinity of Kas too. Entry into the harbor must be made carefully because of the rocks in front of Ince Burun where a lighthouse is located. The space in front of the rocky beach in the southeast end of the harbor is the safest place of anchorage. Since the southeast direction is a shallow and rocky sandbank, the sailing vessels must not come alongside too near there and they must be tied up in the southwest direction.