Let us start in the direction of Kalkan after having stayed long enough in the Islands of Karacaoren, Island of Ships, Harbor of Bektas and the Dead Sea. We leave behind the capes named Kotu Burun and Yedi Burunlar and pass of shore at a distance of 2 miles from the shallow in the southeast of Ince Burun and arrive in front of Patara. But since the sea is always rough here, we don’t come to a stop. We keep on sailing, watching the wide sand beach of Patara all the time and pass between Yali Burnu and Islands of Catal and reach Kalkan.

Kalkan is exposed to the northwest wind and therefore, the yacht harbor and the breakwater here, serve as a safe shelter for the sailboats. The yacht harbor is at the latitudinal position 36 degrees 22 45″ north and longitudinal position of 29 degrees 50’50” east, and its depth inside changes between 1-7 m. It is easy to enter and go out between the breakwater. Electrical and water connections can be made in the yacht harbor and the necessities concerning the yachts are met. The garbage is gathered up three times a day in. the yacht harbor by the Municipality of Kalkan that manages it. Kalkan was an old Greek village called Kalamiki at that time. It has become a place preferred by many people now, with its clean boarding houses, and restaurants of fresh appetizers and fish. You can go to places of ruins in the whereabouts such as Patara, Letoon and Xanthos from here, see them and return by sailboats during the same day. The Harbor of Yesilkoy opposite Kalkan, is another good place of anchorage, too.