Fethiye which is located southeast of the Gulf of Fethiye and has realized great attainments in tourism during the recent years it is a good place of supply during the Blue Voyage. At the same time, it has acquired great fame owing to its natural and historical riches. You can enter the harbor of Fethiye easily night and day, and all the needs of the yachts can be met there. During the daytime, it is also possible to go through the Island of Fethiye and the Cape Egrikum Bumu which extends southwards on shore. The name of the coastal wireless station is Fethiye and the call sign is TAE-6 and transmission for call and listening can be made through 16 channels. The yachts are anchored in a row alongside the yacht wharf which is on the west hand side of the ships wharf. Fethiye is at a distance of 60 km to Dalaman Airport, and has become more animated after the initiation of scheduled flights to and from Dalaman. Communication to other great centers by land is also easy. Fethiye where clean water and fruits are found in abundant quantities and all kinds of needs are met, is a favorable halting place during the Blue Voyage. The yacht harbor situated west of Fethiye is in beautiful harmony with the verdure above it. Excursions are made daily to the 12 islands by means of motorboats. The holiday village of Letoonia and the holiday village of Hillside near by, have formed an entirety with the inlets of unique beauty here. The antique cities in the vicinity such as Kayakoy, Saklikent and Tlos, Pinara, Sidyma an Kadyanda in Uzumlu, are reached by way of land. In order to start towards the Dead Sea from Fethiye, you need to turn around the capes Camli Burun, Sahin Bumu, Bozburun and lblis Bumu and drop anchor in the whereabouts of the islands of Karacaoren or the Island of Ships (Gemiler Adasi).