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A peristyle house behind the Hadrian Temple is known as the brothel. It was built as part of a group of buildings, including the Baths of Scholastikia and lavatories, during the time of Trajan (98-117 AD.). Its function was established with the discovery of an inscription in the lavatories. Entering from the Marble Road, a street sign in the form of a foot engraved on stone indicates its existance. A second entrance gives access from the Street of Curettes. The group of buildings of which it is a part underwent restoration in the 4th century A.D. It is a two-storeyed building, with a large hall on the ground floor,surmounted by a number of small rooms on the floor above, although these are now ruined.

There are traces of frescos on the walls. The western hall wasa dining room, and contains a mosaic depicting the four seasons. This flanks the two main chambers of the baths. The elliptical pool contains a mosaic in the centre depicting three women drinking, a servant standing, a mouse nibbling crumbs and a cat. The statue of priapos, with outsize phallus, now on display in the Ephesus Museum, was found in a well to one end of the building.


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