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Museum of Chora :: Blessing of the Virgin Mary

Blessing of the Virgin Mary

At the ceiling of the second section at the left of the second narthex, various scenes are being depicted. At one side of the medallion, on the ceiling, child Mary is seen between her parents. Anne and Joachim are seated facing each other, and are caressing Mary .A young girl stretching out of a window, wishes to lean down arid reach Mary, in order to take her. A young woman is watching all of this. In the other section, Joachim brings Mary to the clerical leaders for their blessings.

Joachim comes up to the spiritual leaders, wearing a tunic with light colours. Three men of the clergy sit around a table awaiting him. The mosaics here which are sound and multi-coloured, are the most dazzling mosaics in the Chora. On the arch located at the flank, the first seven steps of the Virgin Mary , and the chief priest Zacchariah. s prayer in front of the twelve sticks are depicted.


Above text and pictures are from the book titled "Chora Byzantium's Shining Piece of Art".

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